I was uncertain ( you guess!): how do I describe myself?
The ingredients are the primary elements: hearth, water, light. So here I go: a geologist, chasing and taming the waters of this world, in love with light. Add fire, the passion (yes, I'm Italian :-) for images... and you get something interesting. 
Welcome to Nomadfoto.
Bangkok, Amman... NYC
I started taking pictures in 1985, ( b&w film and darkroom) refining the art since. Permanently on the move, I visited all 5 continents capturing the world and its people. I have worked and often lived, in deserts, forests, oceans, and mountains. I witnessed wars and disasters, but also human resilience, and the healing powers of beauty. I have worked to improve lives, and I always felt that there is a deeper story to be told. 
The logo is part of this history. The original image pictures a Kochi nomad, in northern Afghanistan, between   Mazar-e-Sharif and Shebergan. I was on a mission for the UN, when we passed a Khochi caravan, People, camels. Nothing else. In the XXI century.  We were both going to the same place: a well not far away. Well, yes, I quickly shot some pics from the car, and then I stated to think how, at the same time, we could not be more different, me on a car at 50 km/hour, in the comfort of A/C, and them, walking, in the hot dry weather. But... aren't our lifes not so different, after all? Always on the move, no fixed home, after all defined by who we are, not what we have. The main difference, probably, my luck of being born in the rich north part of the world, with all that follows. And I am grateful about. But with many traits of a nomad, eternal human instinct to keep moving, to keep alive. 
Well, I guess this is me: passion and rationality. I try to make sense of the life behind the scenery, and tell the story of both.
Still traveling, still discovering, now I am more a photographer than a nomad, and I'm exploring people more than than places: it is incerdible the stories portraits can tell. 
You're welcome If you want to join this storytelling ride: it is a beautiful travel. And just in case you are interested in the "other" me, you can visit robertosaltori.com
Thank you!
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